We turn bright ideas into brilliant products.


Bring your life science product to market faster, with fewer problems.

Life changing innovations start with a spark of inspiration. But it takes hard work and long hours to turn them into robust, reliable, profitable products.

If your life science startup needs additional engineering expertise  to commercialise your discoveries, we can help bring your life-changing tech to market.

We provide expert engineering support from proof of concept and prototyping, to process development and product launch .



Come with a problem, leave with a product.

Whether you’re first-time product developers or experienced engineers, product commercialization can cause a lot of headaches.

Your system works great in a lab, but needs to work robustly indoors and out around the world.

You just want an independent technical review to discuss the design and next steps

Launching new and disruptive life science products can be a huge task. But you don’t have to do it alone.

We’re experts in the interface between mechanical engineering and biology, optics, electronics and software. All essential for effective life science product development.

Check our passports and rummage through our wardrobes. You’ll see we’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt. We’ve spent years testing theories and making mistakes, so you don’t have to.

Our experience designing novel, complex systems can help you release your product and realise ROI faster than you could alone. 

Which is great for your team, your investors and the beneficiaries of your life-changing tech.

You've a complex assay and no idea where to start with productising it.

Your prototype gives great results, but needs to be twice as cheap and half the size.

You've gone as far as possible with 'off the shelf' parts and now need custom designs to improve performance.










We work long-term with selected clients, helping create products we believe in.

It isn't an instant fix. Typically we work with clients for between six months and two years, supporting products through concept, prototypes, design for manufacture and post-launch support.

During that time we pack a powerful punch, delivering disruptive, systems-level, problem solving engineering expertise. (Try saying that five times fast…)


Step 1: Bring your science smarts

Come to us with your bright idea, new process, or product concept and let us know how we can help.


Step 2: Add our engineering expertise

We’ll work with you to establish engineering requirements, undercover issues and optimize processes.


Step 3: Launch and change lives

Launch your product and see the benefit and impact ripple out through society.



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Now Pay Attention, 007

We love nothing more than using our engineering expertise to amaze clients and delight their stakeholders. If you need a Q to your Bond, get in touch today.

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