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Conceptual work

If you’re at the early stages of developing a product, maybe trying to demonstrate a lab process can be carried out in a portable system, we can quickly design and build proof-of-concept hardware builds demonstrate required functionality. Services include: 

  • Concept CAD designs 

  • Electro-Mechanical assemblies 

Microfluidic Design

We’ve worked a lot with microfluidics, from understanding and assessing diagnostic assays, to prototyping and developing disposable cards allowing DNA preparation, amplification and detection. Whether your targeting a low resource setting and need to drive down costs, or are ready to move your process from lab to card we can help accelerate your development. Services include: 

  • Create or review Process Flow diagrams 

  • Microfluidic cassette prototype design 

  • Design of microfluidic design for scalable manufacturing 

  • Design of Microfluidic test rigs 

  • Test card material selection consulting

User Requirements

We understand the importance of getting the User Requirements right and have the expertise from taking multiple projects through the requirements process to support the development of your document. Services include: 

  • Assisting or directly gathering direct feedback from your potential users 

  • Analysing existing feedback for gaps in the requirements 

  • Full authorship of the User Requirements document 

Functional Requirements

Carefully written Functional Requirements can dramatically speed up product development and system verification. Our experience being responsible for this document across multiple client projects means you can benefit from a tested and robust approach. Services include: 

  • Gap analysis of Functional Requirements against User Requirements 

  • Consultancy support breaking down requirements into verifiable statements 

  • Full authorship of the Functional Requirements 

Detail Design

Designing hardware systems is our speciality. Working to a set of functional requirements, we can build electro-mechanical systems, solve design problems and often generate IP for you along the way. Outputs can include full 3D CAD modelling, Calculations, Critical Features/Dimensions and Tolerance Analysis, Full Set of Assembly and Detail Drawings, Build instructions, Bill of Materials and Cost Analysis documentation. Services include: 

  • Detail design of sub assemblies 

  • Mechanical Engineering problem solving 

  • Alternative engineering solution generation 

  • Reducing complexity of existing assemblies an parts 

  • Independent design review on existing assemblies or CAD Models 


Design for manufacture and assembly

With experience designing parts for products made in the 10s up to 10,000’s we can help select appropriate designs and manufacturing techniques. Fewer Moving Parts is fully independent so can provide truly unbiased recommendations as regards appropriate fabrication approaches & manufacturing partner(s).

System concept development

There will be many ways to build a product meeting the User Requirements. We can work with you to create several well developed, visualised and commercially feasible concept designs. These can start with sketches, block diagrams or quick CAD models. We can assist with weighted matrix templates to help systematically identify the best solution. 


System Architecture

Understanding a project at a system level and ensuring good interfaces among the system's components or subsystems, and the interface between the system and its external environment is essential for successful hardware development. We have experience managing top-level function across mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software and science teams and can help you ensure interfaces remain compatible as your product develops. Services include: 

  • Full System Architecture consulting over the length of a project 

  • One off, or regular System Architecture design reviews 

  • System level problem solving consultancy 

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